Practice Philosophy

Medicine today is changing rapidly yet so much of it is standing still. Many are still trying to live in the past and deny much of the knowledge that is evolving around us. I work to use the knowledge that I have gained from school along with the years of experience I have working with patients and blend it with the knowledge that is ever advancing today. Realizing that much of the science we base our practices and current recommendations on is imperfect science we need to be open to new ideas and concepts as they develop from basic research. Some of the research is old yet never gained the notoriety it deserved based on political , social and/or economic factors of the time. No matter the reason, we must strive to continue to improve our knowledge of ourselves, our bodies and our minds to find that path to health and wellness.

I find in my practice that each patient has a unique story. They may have many of the same complaints but there is so much about each person that makes them different and special I have to look at each one individually. I try and look at the whole person and not just the complaint or the body part. Knee pain could be the result of so many different issues. The slip getting out of their truck, a previous ankle injury, hip flexor tightness or a low grade inflammatory process. Maybe all four contribute to the pain. Fix one and the person might improve but the symptoms will likely return. Maybe not in the knee but in the hip, neck or elbow. I try and address as many of the issues as I can find in my practice. This is one reason I have developed this site too. Trying to educate on all of the issues is just not possible in the standard time allotted by insurance.

We must as consumers of healthcare take the responsibility for our health back into our own hands. We need to find the way that leads us down the path to health and well being. Each individuals path may be different or they may be the same but you will never know until you start upon that path. We need to take the time out of our hectic schedules to take care of our mind, our body and our soul. We need to see the value in caring for ourselves as we so often care for others.

Drew Dahlgren