I was washing my hands in one of my exam rooms today and happened to look over at the magazines on the counter.  Oh did my mouth start to water when I saw the cover of Woman’s Day.  I thought ‘wow that would taste really good right now!’  Then I realized how bad I would feel afterwards and that I am still addicted to that fine white crystal we call sugar.  Funny thing is I then saw the headline on the bottom of the magazine “Foods that fight pain”.  They had a nice one page spread inside listing: sweet potatoes, ginger, red bell peppers, turmeric and salmon.  All good foods (sweet potatoes in moderation and careful with peppers in people sensitive) for fighting inflammation and joint pain and funny enough they left off the brownie sundae from the front cover.  On another page they had an article on “Curb Sugar Cravings” with tips from an MD, RD and a PhD on tips to avoid sugar.  I guess I found the two completely opposite ideas all promoted in the same magazine a bit funny and I thought I would share it with you.  We are bombarded with imagery that causes a bodily reaction every day and add to that the already addictive nature of sugar it’s no wonder we are having so many health issues.  I removed the magazine from the exam room but I will continue to promote real foods to my patients, emphasize lifestyle management and exercise and make sure they laugh at least once a day.  Hopefully you too will find the humor in your day.