One day left before race day and final preparations are being made.  The team went out this morning for a bus tour of the bike route.  We are seeing bikes in the bike room for last minute tune ups to derailleurs and head sets.  A few in the medical room for back adjustments and miscellaneous blisters and a few sleep issues.  What a great group of people to work with and so many neat stories.  Many of the athletes have attended multiple Worlds and are veterans in the Tri scene and others are first timers with a lot of anxiety for a first international race.  There have been obstacles to overcome including several bikes not making  it with a couple being held up at the border, one bag was lost that had a seat post and pedals (tough to find replacements here) and one bag was lost in the transfer from London to Bilbao.  The scramble to find replacements showed the true character of many of these athletes including those that have offered spare parts and bikes to those in need.  Despite being competitors they offer up what they have to help their fellow triathletes.  This is what true sportsmanship is all about and I am proud to work with such great athletes.